Gavi Arch

Made with Hype Pro and 3D panoramas.


 Discover the secrets of an important testimony to Roman architecture. Bring the Gavi Arch in Verona to life with an intuitive app that uses cutting edge / the latest technology.

App Screenshots


Learn about a unique testimony to Roman architecture and history through animations, 3D panoramas, never-seen-before high definition photography and a host of other high-quality content.

For tourists, fans of architecture and any member of the family who wants to discover the secrets of the past using the best of what today’s technology can offer. Intuitive, unconvential – a different kind of guide at your fingertips, literally.

A complete package for a complete experience in culture and learning:

– High definition close-up images of architectural elements produced using the latest photographic techniques;
– Astounding 3D panoramas to find your way around every inch of the arch;
– The fascinating history of the arch and some curious stories too in animation;
– You can touch the 3D model of the Arch.
– Games to play – learn about architecture while having fun.
– Available in english and italian

This is an Off-Line Guide, the connection is required only for the support page (with parental checking).

Available for Tablets / landscape

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