LUMI ROLI Keyboard 24

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LUMI MIDI Template

ROLI MIDI Keyboard 24 Keys with Snapcase

The illuminated keyboard that lets you play great songs and learn music.

Interactive Music Keayboard 24x

Template content: Hype elements only.
simple model, no Polyphonic / aftertouch.

Note: in the Template the buttons to change octaves (the arrows) have instead a choreographic function.

– Play piano with lights on the keyboard
– Simulate dragging you finger across the keys with the mouse
– Set the top toolbar, change colours and play scale
– Tilt the keyboard, tap at the top of the keyboard
– Switch it off and cover the keyboard with the Snapcase

Elements:Hype Timelines ,no codes.

Version 1.0.2: Simulate dragging you finger across the keys.
Improvements and JS by Mark Hunte

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