Worms Party

06/25/2019 - ⇨ 
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Worms Party

it is not a real game but a pastime. 
you have to feed all the chicks but not too much!
Chicks are always happy to eat and never stop.

Template content:

Hype elements  and audio files.

Animated Vector shape and gradients.

No code, only hype timeline.

Responsive behavior:

Intro with “Shrink to fit” and Party scene with “Expand to fill”

– feed all chicks, click over the bird.
– Restart the animation.

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Hype Dynamic Styles is a new extension that offers a variety of features to make it easy to apply inline and interdependent style changes. It is ideal for creating responsive designs or animations based on other elements properties. https://forums.tumult.com/t/hype-dynamic-styles/22009 @hypeapp #builtforhype

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