Hnefatafl 2
Hnefatafl Pronounced (nef-ah-tah-fal) is an ancient board game sometimes referred to as “Viking Chess”.

Hnefatafl 2 Player Board Game

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This Hnefatafl Board was created in the spirit of the original Hnefatafl as it should be played by 2 players on a board.
In Ancient times the board (Tafl) was either made of wood or stone with a grid etched into the surface.
The modern version of this game uses the iPad and it’s unique capabilities to
make a digital Tafl. Human versus Human strategy with digital benefits!

Game pieces (Tafl-stones) are moved along the board by touching a piece and dragging it to a new square or squares based on Hnefatafl’s rules.
When you capture a Taflstone you move it to your collection bins.
Tally up your Conquests, select new board styles and Play again and again!

There are 4 different board designs to play, and 4 sets of taflstones. A quick game guide is included as well as an illustrated game book to get the beginning Hnefatafl player started.

By: Nick Gressle   

Available for iPad

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