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Hype HTML5 file into a WKWebview

WKWebView object to embed Hype content into our Xcode 9.0 project. using Swift 4.0 with a target of iOS11.

Tutorial by: Nick Gressle


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How to make an iOS app using Hype Pro and Xcode 

Embed a Hype document in a Webview on the iOS App Store

Tutorial by: Nick Gressle


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Hype Swatch Book for Google's Material Design

This is a Hype Swatch Book for Google's Material Design.

Reference or as a starting point to make a color book for your projects.

by: Nick Gressle



 A Book About Hype


resources_hype_bookA new guide to creating apps, books, games and websites with Tumult Hype®

This book contains the latest information available at the time of publication. Hype 3.5 + Pro is loaded with powerful features, such as Scaling, Advanced Exporting and new JavaScript APIs.


“A Book About Hype” was written by Michael Garofalo.

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How to use GSAP's TweenMax for scripting animation inside Hype

Embedding the GreenSock Animation Platform in Hype. Demo project available.  

Tutorial by: Andy Hullinger

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More info about TweenMax

Embedding an Animation on another HTML Page


 If you need to add your animation in a pre-existing site you can use the HTML iFrame. You must use an external FTP program for the uploading of the Hype content. Watch Video 

< iFrame > Hype Animation < / iFrame >

With the iFrame you can use the same animation in multiple sites .

  View Demo   Download Demo Folder

site_icon_RW_small Embedding in RapidWeaver®

Embedding animation as "resource" or through the HTML iFrame

  Read the guide


 Embedding in WordPress®

Insert easily your Hype animations into your WordPress website.

Plugin made By tumultinc

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site_icon_WP_small  Embedding Animation in WordPress®

Work in progress Work in progress Work in progress

  Read the guide


Tiled pattern image generator.

It allows to create various stile images with a few mouse clicks.


  Developer site Trial 


JS libraries and external resources


Trigger a function when you scroll to an element.


by Caleb

  Developer site MIT license 


html5 javascript physics engine. 2D physics engine for the web.


by Liam Bru

  Developer site MIT license 


Animate SVGs, giving them the appearence of being drawn.


by Duluc Maxime

  Developer site MIT license 

  Tutorial with Hype

Bounce + CSS

JS library that lets you create CSS3 powered animations.


by Joel Besada

  Developer site MIT license 


Automatic Page load progress bar.


by Zack Bloom

  Developer site MIT license 


 Vector Graphics Scripting using HTML5 Canvas


Jürg Lehni  & Jonathan Puckey

  Developer site MIT license 

Hype Templates by @TutorialDoctor

  Developer site  MIT license 


 Customizable audio waveform visualization

by Alex Khokhulin & C.

  Developer site MIT license 

  Tutorial with HypeM. Hunte


CSS3 libraries and external resources

Animate CSS

Cross-browser CSS animations.


by Daniel Eden.

  Developer site MIT license 

Magic CSS

CSS3 Animations with special effects.


by  Christian Pucci.

  Developer site MIT license 

Effeckt CSS

Performant Transitions and Animations Library.


by Arthur Verschaeve + contributors

  Developer site MIT license 

Spinner CSS

Single Element CSS Spinners.


by Luke Haas.

  Developer site MIT license 

Westciv CSS

CSS3 - Online Editor

2D Transforms, Radial gradient and Text editor in CSS

  Developer site Online service 


Useful applications alongside Hype

CyberDuck ftp

FTP program

Libre FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, S3, Azure & OpenStack Swift browser

  Developer site Donationware 

HypeRedit HTML



Powerful HTML editor
Testing HTML and PHP code.  Interactively trying out CSS code.

  Developer site Trial 


Powerful Image editor

  Developer site Free License  

Image Optim

Weight reduction files
You can optimize groups of images with drag and drop!

  Developer site Free License 

Image Alpha

Powerful optimizer for PNG

Better than "PNG for Web" Plugin in PhotoShop

  Developer site Free License


Tumult Inc. Online Resources


Hype Conference

hideitNashville, Tennessee: October 14, 2017
Both the Hype Conference, and its sister event, the iBooks Author Conference, will take place on the campus of Vanderbilt University, located in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee.


  Hype Conference Site
The Hype Conference

Hype wordpress Plugin

Tumult Hype Animations. This plugin allows you to upload your Tumult Hype animations to your WordPress site to easily embed them using shortcodes on posts and pages. You can also copy the embed code to use your WordPress site as a Tumult Hype animation host.

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WP plugin Tumult Hype Animations

Hype Reflect

Hype Reflect. It's a companion app that runs on iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad and lets you preview the content of your Hype / Hype Pro Project.

Features: Wi-FI, Instant Preview, Mirror Mode, Full Screen Preview and also the JavaScript Console for debugging.

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Hype Reflect

Hype Forum

Official forum by Tumult Software, a large growing community.

Forum members put their best foot forward with a lot of effective tips and workouts to get those great results you are looking for!

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Official Forum

Learn Hype and Hype Pro

The Official documentation is the best way to learn about all of Hype’s.



  Hype Documentation

Hype Documentation

The Perfect iBooks Companion

Creating interactive content for iBooks

  Hype Documentation
Hype Documentation

YouTube Channel

Learn about Features, including tutorials and examples. Templates,  Scenes,  Symbols, exporting options and so on.


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