Noa’s Stars
In the middle of the night, an elf flies amongst the stars. A clumsy one, she makes all the stars fall out of the sky! What to do? Thanks to Noa, all the stars can be put back in the sky again.

‘Noa’s Stars’ is a interactive picture book by Somoiso, written and illustrated by Hanneke van der Meer. This book contains many elements that can be touched and moved or that have sound effects. It also contains a game feature suitable for children aged 3 and older. Noa stars is an imaginative story to be read by children independently or together with their parents.

• animation and sound effects on every page
• arts & crafts pages
• narrated by professional actors
• new music score with Noa’s own theme
• intuitive help function
• language options: English or Dutch
• parent portal
• page selection

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Available for iPhone and iPad

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