Orbital Anagrams
In Orbital Anagrams, your task is simple. Align the planets to rearrange the letters and solve the anagram!

From the team that brought you ‘Orbital Equations: Number Bonds’, Orbital Anagrams’ unique mechanic tests spelling, word recognition as well as fine motor skills. A great warm-up app for the classroom, or a fun extracurricular activity for both children and adults.

• Journey through space as you unlock 100 increasingly challenging levels.

• Built around an extensive and ever-growing word list of five and seven letter words.

• Each level is partially randomly generated to avoid predictability.

• No timers! Collect stars by completing each level with as fewer moves as possible.

• Struggling to solve the anagram. Use the ‘Clue’ button to correctly align the outer planets.

• Can you collect all 300 stars?

Developed by: Simon Matthews


Available for iPad and iPhone

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