Noa Magic Pond

Summer has come. Noa lies on the edge of the pond. Suddenly, there are bright, coloured bubbels coming out of the water. What are they? Can someone tell Noa why they are there? Maybe the big, green frog that floats in the pond can!

‘Noa Magic Pond’ is a sweet, interactive story about a little mystery and a big friendship. While reading, you find out where the coloured bubbles come from and what they do. Little readers are able to help Noa and Frog out, by tapping elements on the pages during the story.

‘Noa Magic Pond’ is a suiting picture book, made by Somoiso (winner of the Media Toddler Award twice), written and illustrated by Hanneke van der Meer.

• animation and audio-effects on all pages
• arts and craft pages
• read by professional actors
• new music score with Noa’s own theme
• intuitive help function
• languages: Dutch, English
• parents page
chapter menu
• song at the end of the story

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Available for iPhone and iPad

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