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HappyEastern: look at the right egg!!

Description: Nuni, the little chick has hidden in one of the three eastereggs. Can you find her if the eggs are shuffled?

Template content:  Vectors and images

Elements:  hype JS-functionality

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Create an infinite carousel using dynamic data in Tumult Hype. This example uses minimal effort and the Hype Data Magic extension with a live preview. #builtwithhype @hypeapp https://forums.tumult.com/t/carousel-using-symbols/20725/4?u=maxzieb


here an i nteresting work with some animation made with @hypeapp by Saeta Hernando. "Educommunication course for UNESCO-UNED" with a preview in the WEB gallery. take a look https://www.hypedocks.com/web/#cbpi=https://www.hypedocks.com/gallery/educommunication-course-for-unesco-uned/

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