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Interactive Media, Web Development, Illustration, and Design

I’ve been using Hype since 2011 (version 1.0) and have developed hundreds of projects using it. I know Hype very well, and enjoy combining it with JavaScript and CSS to create a rich interactive projects. Besides Hype, our company also does web development, illustration and graphics design, and photography.

Some Hype work I’ve created:

Large e-Leaning Financial Literacy Course:
Explainer Animation:
Community College e-Learning Courses:
Animated Web Site Opener:
Corporate Site with Interactive Product Selector: (middle of page)
Product Configuration Tool:
Corporate Online Training:
Apple App Store Children’s Book, sample page:
Apple App Store Children’s Book, matching game:

I’m available for Hype contract work. I can provide referral letters upon request.

== Advanced Hype developer, specializing in using Hype with JavaScript and CSS
== I’m also a web and multimedia developer
== I’m based in Dallas, Texas, USA
== I’ve done work with clients in England, Ireland, France, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and all across the U.S.
== I specialize in using Hype for e-Learning and Training, web interactive pieces, and full websites

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Another interesting @hypeapp #builtwithhype Commercial Project, "Underberg herbal digestif". Now available in the WEB gallery. take a look


New @hypeapp #builtwithhype Project, "BERN convention’s last 40 years". Amazing work with vector shape morphs. Now available in the WEB gallery

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