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Hype interactive html5 infographics

At factualform we design and create interactive html5 artwork that describes your information in decorative and graphic artwork that creates both interest and clarity. The online viewer is drawn to interact with compelling designs that through movement and art impart knowledge while engaging the viewer’s interest with the elements. Whether it be a simple interactive graphic for your new turbocharger or a graph of your sales numbers for a particular geographic location.

Color, typography, illustration and interactivity transform even routine information into a high-impact visual. For editorial, the marketplace, or reference websites, factualform can help your users engage with your content. Please see our site link listed on Hyperdocks.

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Another interesting @hypeapp #builtwithhype Commercial Project, "Underberg herbal digestif". Now available in the WEB gallery. take a look


New @hypeapp #builtwithhype Project, "BERN convention’s last 40 years". Amazing work with vector shape morphs. Now available in the WEB gallery

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