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I’m an Italian freelancer, graduated in Web & Multimedia, with multidisciplinary skills: Full-stack Web Developer, UI-UX Designer, Motion Graphic Animator, Video-maker, Photographer… I love travelling, I speak Italian, English and Spanish, and I currently live in Barcelona.

I started to use Hype just recently (2015) because I was waiting it to be mature (but I followed it since it was born ), but this didn’t stop me to quickly reach its limits; so I started to write in this forum and I became a Beta tester. Thanks to my IT background and my strong knowledge of almost every Adobe software (After Effects and Flash especially) I feel that Hype is the tool which mostly gives me the ability to combine all my different abilities: HTML, CSS, Javascript, UI-UX, animation, interactive design, story-telling… I can’t wait to get more creative and innovative projects where I can show all my abilities! 😉

Please email your Job request details to francesco@360fun.net


Join a "Year of Fun" and challenge yourself to create a game with Tumult Hype: https://j.mp/3exPDjt
For inspiration, check out a few examples on the forums: https://j.mp/3ar1UVu

Create fancy text shadows with live preview in Tumult Hype 4 and Hype Data Decorator. #BuiltWithHype @hypeapp Check the forum post for more infos: https://forums.tumult.com/t/text-shadow-experiment/18794/6?u=maxzieb

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