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Web Development, Illustration, UI-UX Design, HTML5 anim. and more


Designer with technical Skills, one of the most passionate users of Hype, founder of the HypeDocks portal. Community leader in the support forum.

Featured work & animations by an Italian animation master: Michelangelo Agostinetto” Article on the Tumult blog of my work with hype

I participated in the Tumult Hype competition (third place) with “medusa” animation.

Web development and design specializing in HTML5 animation with Hype®, RapidWeaver® and Pure CSS, Animated Presentations, complex infographics and so on. Expert in photo editing and Vector Drawing.

Hype® websites with modern designs and features for small businesses and organizations that are professionally developed, optimized for the best desktop and mobile experiences, that are affordable, easy to maintain and with the flexibility to grow with your business needs.



Web development with Hype Improve responsive behavior in existing projects / Responsive layout / Infographics and animations / CSS customization / Embedding in WordPress and Rapidweaver / Embedding 360° panoramas /  Generic Consulting / SVG drawing animation /  Corporate integration in Hype.

More services:

Logos and Technical Illustrations, Full corporate design, photo editing, eCommerce solutions, Mobile App Development in HTML5 or IOS native.


Some Works with Hype:


Services and workflow
Awesome Designs, Fast service, Clear projects with less code as possible.
Support only via mail or Slack/Discord / File sharing: Google Drive or DropBox / FTP management if required.

Please email your Job request details to email your details to multimago@mac.com


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