Video Controller

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Video Controller


A reusable Hype Symbol that give you a custom video controller for videos on any scene.


Will workout how many videos are on the current scene with the class name hype_mp4video and can play them all. List the the current scenes videos ( that have the correct class name) in a toggled menu that you can choose which one to control. Adds functionality to each video to allow you to Click a video to change the controls over to that video and start that it. Show timecodes current,elapsed and duration.

  • Scrolling current timecode.
  • Play, rewind,forward, beginning-start, jump 10s buttons
  • Autohide option menu.
  • Fullscreen.

The Video Controller Symbol can be scaled by holding the command key down and using one of the symbol element's drag handles

Version: 10.4.2 ( minor update to fix a bug affecting play/pause button text changes )

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This mockup simulator by @a_michelangelo lets you convert a 2d shape into a 3D box, with controls and toggles built in Hype:

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