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11/11/2015 - ⇨ 

The most responsive group of developers I’ve ever seen..

I started using Tumult Hype when it first came out back in the Spring time of 2011. Back then, Hype was a lot simpler than it is today, but it was still a pretty impressive application. Today, we are at Hype version 4. Each new version has been a vast improvement over the previous version with functionality you wouldn’t expect for the price. Tumult Hype has been a game changer for me by opening doors for designs and experimentation.

Team Tumult is one of the most responsive group of developers I’ve ever seen. They are very active on their forums and normally respond to questions posted within 24 hours, usually sooner. Tumult Hype even has a method of sending your project directly to Tumult for troubleshooting built into the application. They also respond to emails very quickly. Team Tumult also maintains a comprehensive Tumult Hype Documentation webpage with chapters that explain each of Tumult Hype’s features.

One of the best things about Tumult Hype, is their User Forums. You can post a simple, or an impossibly difficult, question and the forum members are glad to help in anyway they can. It’s not unusual for a few of the Tumult Hype Experts to upload complete demo documents with a full solution to extremely complicated projects. I also believe the Tumult Hype Forums are the best place to learn how to use Tumult Hype to its fullest capabilities.

The bottom line is, if you want to bring animations to modernize your website, Tumult Hype may be just what your are looking for.

Written by: Greg Spence 

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