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Hype is a powerful tool for developing educational projects.

Using Hype’s Timeline and built-in Actions, it is easy for a novice to create animated or interactive scenarios.When more features are needed, Hype also integrates extremely well with JavaScript.

A good example of a large, complex educational project created with Hype is the Smart Decisions financial e-Learning course The online course explains basic financial information for students and the public. Funded by CitiBank, Smart Decisions was developed by Creative Cat Media in collaboration with the Dallas County Community College District in Dallas, Texas, USA.

This is a complex Hype project with a lot of content. In order to make it rich with the features below, we used Hype’s built-in interactivity and animation tools, as well as a fair amount of JavaScript. We also created all the illustrations and interface elements.

Some features include:

  • 6 sections, 145 screens, and 1000+ SVG graphics
  • 3 responsive menus that stick to the bottom, right, and lower right of the browser window
  • Persistent symbols
  • Audio voice-overs and controls
  • Option to display full text of the voice overs
  • Self-check quizzes
  • Interactive activities
  • Bookmarking using localStorage
  • Significant use of JavaScript
  • Dual languages: English and Spanish

Written by: John Purdy       Creative Cat media
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Swift Playgrounds just came out for the Mac! We're pleased to see the same elegant introductions originally built with @hypeapp in this version. These simple and clear animations are superb for exploring new concepts and learning new skills.
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Did you know Hype has a powerful physics engine?

Check this simulation guide to Density, Friction, Bounce and Air Drag in a free template by Photics:

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